Performance socks, made better for you.

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Performance socks, made better for you.

Better quality, design, value, and for the environment.


First and foremost, we create the most technologically advanced socks. Socks that are durable, breathable, supportive, moisture wicking, stay up, and look great. We’re committed to continually innovating our socks, making sure we’re one-step ahead from the competition - just like you.


There is no point in creating the world's best socks if they look boring... You’re unique, and we want to celebrate that. Our performance socks are thoughtfully designed for your individuality with new drops every week to ensure a constant stream of on-trend, relevant designs and colours so you never miss out. Look good, feel good, perform better. It's that simple.


Quality comes at a price, but instead of charging you more, we chose to innovate our business model. As it turns out, you can’t try on socks anyway - so physical locations don't make sense. As a digitally-native brand that ships direct to you, we've removed the middle man mark up and passed the savings on to you. The result is a much higher quality product at a much lower price than our competitors. Win-win.


We’re inspired by the outdoors and feel a responsibility to make sure we preserve our planet to the best of our ability. We continually innovate our product and supply chain to reduce the use of plastic and our carbon footprint. We incorporate recycled materials into our product lines, have our offices in LEED certified facilities, and have removed all plastic from our packaging. Our environmental practices are an evergreen initiative, but with a goal to be better everyday, we’re committed to making a difference.


Rob is endūr’s Founder and CEO, 5x Canadian National Cyclist, and dad joke enthusiast.

“Mist is my favourite pair because it reminds me of over ten years spent in the forest riding and racing my bike around the world.”